We are dedicated to being a company that values the strength of community and the importance of a healthy environment while providing our clients with a pleasant construction experience and a unique finished product that they can be proud of and enjoy for years to come.


In 2006, after living in New England we returned to our NJ roots to be closer to family and friends. We wanted an opportunity to prove to ourselves that hard work still pays off, and the allure of cutting corners is falsely satisfying. We combined an old pickup truck with serious ambition and jumped in with both feet. Today we continue to build success and refine our process in the pursuit of the good life.


We believe in balance. A strong commitment to building and professionalism is countered by personal pursuits. We are avid organic gardeners, chicken keepers and artists. Our lives are dedicated to working hard, enjoying friends and learning constantly. We bring together a close knit group of talented subcontractors to deliver the best possible results while keeping the process lighthearted and resilient.
Lauren Hathaway
The keeper of the office flame. A degree in creative arts gives her a natural eye for beauty and detail. She uses creativity to bridge the gap between design concept and the nuts and bolts of construction administration. As purchase agent, administrator, and design consultant, her influence adds value to projects throughout our process.
Michael Hathaway
He has been involved in building construction for 15 years with a background in timberframing, preservation carpentry, and woodworking. He has traveled to France to study Cathedral and Timber construction and paddled a kayak to work in community forestry in coastal British Columbia, Canada. He has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Green Mountain College and is a LEED Accredited Professional. He brings a strong work ethic tempered by patience and agility that helps keep projects on track.